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Our practice locations

For your utmost convenience, we have two practice locations, one in Northcliff and one in Boskruin, so check out the website to find out which one suits you best and to make a booking!

Both practices are equipped with all you need for a fantastic biokinetics session, and we offer Momentum Multiply and Discovery Vitality Fitness Assessments at the Boskruin Practice.

The Boskruin practice is conveniently situated in Boskruin Business Park, behind Westpack Lifestyle Centre.

Equally convenient is the Northcliff Practice, a stone’s throw from Cresta Shopping Centre on the corner of Fir and Pendoring Road, next to Abbott’s College.

About the team

We are a dynamic duo here at Kendra Dykman Biokinetics, with a passion for helping people reach their goals and seeing hard work pay off!

Kendra Dykman

Kendra started the practice in 2018 and Lexie has just joined the team in March. She is a movement enthusiast who loves meeting people and helping them achieve their movement capabilities. She has been practicing as a Biokineticist for over 5 years and loves teaching people about their bodies on their way to achieving physical wellness through movement.

Long-term lifestyle modification in order to achieve lasting positive benefits is what directs Kendra’s treatment style. She believes in empowering people to take their health and wellness into their own hands so that they are capable of improving their lives without needing to be reliant on external input.  By encouraging people to appreciate their bodies, she hopes we can spread health and wellness to all.

Kendra has been active her whole life, beginning her gym career in her baby car seat while her mother attended bootcamp and spinning classes, and she placed 2nd at the most recent Calisthenics and Street Workout National Championships. She also actively participates in running, Yoga, Pilates and gymnastics classes, and is qualified to offer Yoga, Pilates, and spinning classes.

Lexie Byrne

Lexie is an avid athlete with a passion for helping others to reach their potential. She achieved her Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours in Biokinetics at Nelson Mandela University, and also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences.

She is passionate about helping people and is a firm believer in second chances, having herself experienced the pains of being unable to do what she loves after suffering a spinal injury, and receiving her own second chance through physical rehabilitation with a Biokineticist. This sparked joy and opened her eyes to the beauty of physical rehabilitation and conditioning and motivated her to pursue further sporting challenges and reach new heights.

Lexie loves being active, with horse riding, running, cycling, swimming and yoga being her main sporting passions, with a love for the outdoors and hiking.

She has a specific interest in orthopaedic rehabilitation and sports conditioning and looks forward to working with you as a team, taking a holistic approach to reaching your health and fitness goals.

Get your quality of life back today

We are both passionate, hard workers and absolutely love making a positive impact on peoples’ lives. Give us a shout today to book your Biokinetics session and begin your journey to the best version of you.