What on Earth is Biokinetics?

If you’ve come to this page, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “okay, Biokinetics; it sounds cool but… what is it??” Well, you’re in luck; read on and you’ll find out just what this health profession is and how it can benefit you.

Understanding Biokinetics

Biokinetics is a medical profession registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). It is based on the science of movement, which applies the use of exercise as a means to rehabilitate injuries, enhance performance, improve overall health and fitness, and counteract negative physical effects of neurological and degenerative diseases for people of all ages.

The primary goal of Biokinetics is to improve physical functioning and overall health, and this is achieved through exercise. Ever heard of exercise as medicine? Well, this is precisely what we do: prescribe scientifically based exercise programs as medicine to treat whatever ailment you may have – even if you have no ailment and just want to be fitter, healthier and happier!

We promote health, maintain physical ability, and complete final phase rehabilitation of injury, getting you back to doing what you love and loving what you do, but without the aches, pains and niggles.

That’s great, but how does it help you?

Well, have you injured yourself, got rid of the initial pain, but still can’t quite get it sorted or get back to what you love doing? Well, we can help you there. We specialise in final phase rehabilitation and return to play and will have you strong and able once again.

Have you had surgery, or have you got an upcoming surgery? We can help to pre-condition the body for surgery and rehabilitate it afterwards, to get you back on track and strong as an ox in no time.

When should i see a biokineticist?

Do you suffer from chronic illness, pains, metabolic disorders or heredity disorders? Yup, we’ve got you covered there too! Biokineticists are trained to specifically prescribe exercise for all chronic, neurological and cardiac illness. We also work with ailments such as hip/knee/wrist/elbow/shoulder disorders, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, stroke, Parkinson’s, and Cerebral Palsy. Within these disorders, we serve to prevent the physical effects from getting worse, aim to improve functioning, reduce physical symptoms, and improve overall health. We meet these goals through the prescription and supervision of movement and exercise. The scientific prescription of exercise has also been shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and manage diabetes, stabilising insulin and blood sugar levels, preventing erratic sugar highs and lows.

We also specialise in individualised, evidence-based program, prescription for obesity and weight loss.

All age groups participating in sport of any kind can visit a Biokineticist for performance enhancement, strength and conditioning, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.